Home Program

Drumm Farm Center for Children is a unique organization offering on-site housing for families who provide foster care for youth from infant to 18 years of age. The families who live on campus are foster families licensed through the state of Missouri. With Drumm’s support, these families are able to offer a safe and stable home environment, disrupting the cycle of frequent moves that many children in foster care experience.

Parents work with a team of professionals to help each child achieve permanency. Families at Drumm have built a thriving community on campus, embracing children whose parents are not able to care for them at this time, giving them a place to call HOME

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HOME Progam FAQ's:


Q: Do the families that live on the Drumm Farm campus have private residences or are families expected to share living space with other families?

A: Every family that is a part of the Drumm HOME Program has their very own private residence. 


Q: Are foster families expected to work on the farm?

A: Like our name suggests (Drumm Farm Center for Children), we have a farm with crops, a donkey, goats, pigs and sheep! Studies have shown that working with animals can be therapeutic, so opportunities are available for families with interest, however, we do not require any of our families, or children, to work or provide maintenance on the farm.


Q: What is the HOME Program Pet Policy?

A: We love animals and the joy and support they can bring to a home! We also know that caring for large sibling groups requires a lot of energy. For this reason we ask that our HOME Program families have a maximum of 2 pets per home.


Q: Where do the children in the HOME Program come from and how are children selected for each home? 

A: The children that live on the Drumm Farm campus in our HOME Program are adopted, biological and foster children of the families that live at Drumm. Families that live on our campus are licensed Missouri foster families who select the children who live in their home just like foster families that don’t live on the Drumm Farm Campus. Selections are made by each individual family based on the children they believe are the right fit for their homes. The Drumm Farm staff does not require HOME Program families to take specific children that come into foster care, but staff is available for consultation throughout the process if desired. 


Q: Where do children within the Drumm Farm Home Program attend school?

A: We believe strongly that all children at Drumm should be treated the same, whether they be adopted, biological, or children in foster care. Educationally, that means that all school aged children are enrolled in the Independence School District and attend school together. In addition, Drumm offers its families educational programming. We complete benchmark testing on all children that come to live at Drumm and provide targeted tutoring and educational intervention services to help children reach grade level specific goals as needed. We do not have our own school.


Q: What is the cost for living in the Drumm Farm foster village?

A: As part of our foster care village, families have access to countless resources, including counseling and educational services provided to all children who live here. With our rent-free structure, complimentary utilities, and a community setting like no other in the Midwest -- a playground, gymnasium, disc golf course, fishing pond, walking trails, and more -- families at Drumm are afforded the opportunity to forget about many of the typical financial headaches in order to better focus on what is truly important: raising kids in a loving environment.


Q: Does Drumm Farm require a parent to stay home full-time?

A: No. We trust the families living on our campus to decide what makes the most sense for their household. Some of our families have a stay-at-home parent and some do not.


Q: Does Drumm Farm allow for single-parent foster families to live on campus?

A: We do! At Drumm we are committed to diversity and inclusion and that includes our HOME Program. Our foster care village is made up of all types of families and we encourage all interested families to apply!


Q: What if our family wants to go on a vacation? 

A: Go on vacation! Drumm is a loving community structured around an environment of love and inclusion for all. All that we ask is that every child, whether biological, adopted or in foster care be included in family excursions and activities. 


Q: How long do families live at Drumm? 

A: There is no specific timeline. Families are welcome to reside at Drumm as long as they wish, provided they are in good standing with their lease agreement and continue to provide a safe and loving environment for children in care.