Originally named the Andrew Drumm Institute, Drumm Farm Center for Children was established in 1919 by prominent Kansas City businessman, Major Andrew Drumm, as a home and working farm for orphaned and impoverished boys. Drumm left his estate to establish the organization which has transformed over the years and evolved to serve boys and girls in foster care, but the mission has never wavered from helping children build successful lives.

A community within itself, the campus at Drumm Farm Center for Children provides housing for foster families. These families live on-site, providing homes for children in foster care and diligently working to place children and siblings in nurturing, loving, forever family homes. Drumm also offers a host of programs and services for children and families to help overcome emotional, physical, financial, educational, housing and life challenges.

Nestled among tall trees and rolling hills, the historic Drumm Farm campus embraces visitors in its peaceful and serene setting. The stately Swinney Hall serves as the campus centerpiece, surrounded by brick housing, a community hall, gymnasium, playground, walking trails, garden, and small farm animals.