Our mission is to provide nurturing and inclusive services and environments that inspire and yield the lifelong success of children, young adults, and families




Our vision is helping children in foster care and young adults who are homeless or aged out of foster care build successful lives by providing programs and services that promote physical and emotional well-being, educational success and personal development.

Drumm Market

Drumm staff and children plant a 4-acre garden and care for livestock. Children on campus participate in farm operations, giving them an opportunity to learn valuable life skills. The public is invited to shop at Drumm Market to help teach these skills to the children.

Open Saturdays (May to October) from 8am to noon

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2023 Seeds of Hope Gala

Thank you to our sponsors, to our volunteers, and to everyone who participated!

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Home. The word inspires a sense of stability, comfort, family and belonging. Unfortunately, nearly 15,000 children in our community have lost, or have never known, this sense of family. Drumm Farm Center for Children is a special place children and young adults can call home.

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